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Vulnerability Assessment

Forever Solutions Group (FSG) Vulnerability Assessments provide analysis of both internal and external technical controls which identify technical and configuration vulnerabilities associated with mission-critical infrastructure components.

Our vulnerability assessments combine proven understanding and complex technology to ensure vulnerabilities are recognized, analyzed and managed effectively, to lower risk and maximize business results. Using a vendor-neutral approach, our vulnerability assessments are an important first step to realizing the benefits of a complete information security program.

Our vulnerability assessments provide a foundation for improved risk-based decision making in order to achieve compliance and prioritize investments to meet your goals. At FSG we feel it is important to understand the difference between a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test. As a part of being a customer-centric organization, we are happy to share with you how to best scope out your next engagement so that you end up with the results and reports you were looking for and an overall better security posture.

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