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Third Party Commercial Product Security Assessment

Thinking of deploying a new security technology but not sure which product one is right for you? Does your IT staff just not have the time to perform a thorough evaluation? Forever Solutions Group can help! Our experts have done product bake-offs, reviews and ratings for a wide range of technologies from mobile device management, end point protection, and USB encryption.

  • We will work with you to understand the current state and goals of your IT architecture and develop a set of weighted requirements for the new product.
  • Based on your input, industry resources, and our prior experience, we will identify several products that appear to meet your requirements.
  • FSG will then contact the sales, engineering and support departments at each vendor to obtain data about what the product is really capable of and what shortfalls it may have. This information is then compiled into a product selection scorecard.
  • We will then review the scorecard with you, select the top few products, and develop a detailed test plan that specifically tests each product's ability to fully meet your requirements.
  • Once you have approved the test plan, we can build a simulated environment at our facilities or work with you to perform on-site testing in your environment.
  • After testing is complete, we will present you with a written report of all data collected as well as a high-level executive summary incorporating the scope, approach, findings, and recommendations in a manner suitable for senior management.
  • We can also provide security engineering consulting to assist with product installation and integration with your current environment, tuning, policy and procedure review and updating, and training.

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